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Stainless Steel Mens Cuff Bracelet – 316L Stainless Steel Bracelets



  • Handmade men’s cuff bracelet exquisitely made from braided stainless steel. Using traditional blacksmithing techniques of fire, hammer and anvil.
  • Surface texture is achieved through different shaped hammers and hand held chisels and profiling tools.
  • This bracelet has been finished by hand polishing.




Stainless Steel Mens Cuff Bracelet

Stainless Steel Mens Cuff Bracelet

This original handiwork of stainless steel cuff bracelet will soon become exclusive piece of your style.


  • Cuff dimensions: 8 inches length – 12 mm width
  • Cuff; Brushed; Stainless Steel
  • Fits: 16-22cm or 6.2-8.6 inches

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