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Men’s Self Care Products – 4 Must Have Items For Your Daily Routine

Men’s Self Care Products – 4 Must Have Items For Your Daily Routine

While it’s getting better now, it’s widely known that men’s self care products are low on the priority list for most guys. But here’s the kicker, women want men to take care of themselves. A man who actually gives a fig about his grooming and personal care is seen as both attractive and masculine.

So it’s time to get rid of the old stigmas, grooming is not and never should be exclusively for women. After all, who looks like they have their life more together; a man whose nose hairs grow out of his face like dirty spider legs, or the guy who smells good and keeps his rogue hairs in check? I’ll give you a moment to think about that one.

Now perhaps you’re thinking; “grooming, now that’s gonna take hours, aint nobody got time for that”. Hold your horses, it doesn’t have to take all day, just setting aside a small amount of time can make a massive difference to your look and your overall well being.

If you want confidence in your style and appearance, here are some self-care products to work into your daily routine.



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Mousse/Styling Gel

While hats can certainly add to your look, they should not be the default look for ” I can’t be bothered”. Instead of waking up, rolling out of bed and throwing on a baseball cap, take a few minutes each morning to style your hair. Clean, shiny hair with a style that suits your face shape, paired with a good outfit can make a powerful statement. Not only that, but looking sharp has also been known to have a direct effect on self-esteem.

men's hair care


When you pinpoint your hair’s texture and type, sift through some styling gels, mousses or creams and see which one’s right for you. Nowadays, you have a wide variety of products available that can help your hair look it’s very best. Mousse and styling gel are practical items that most men should have, so leave the baseball cap alone, and style your hair into something wonderful – or at least attempt to.


Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a condition that men all around the world deal with; about 85% of men will see their  hair thinning by the age of 50. Though this does not impact physical health, many men find male pattern baldness detrimental to their self-confidence and see it as something they would like to fix.

As a side note, we’re not bald shaming here, there are many shaven headed men whose smoldering good looks haven’t been affected by their lack of follicles – not even a little. However, not everyone is comfortable with this look, in which case you should know there are affordable hair loss treatments available.

Hairloss treatments come in forms of topical solutions, pills and even gummies. Thickening your hair can help refuel your self-confidence and allow for more successful styling with mousse or gel. You can check out our laser hair comb for thickening hair here


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Beard Oils

Beads are back baby! With this in mind, beard oils are the men’s self care products that will see a massive rise in the coming years. Just like using mousse or gel can really boost your style and overall masculine energy, the same goes for beard oils. Gone are the days when beards just sat on your face, now they are molded, given extra shine and moisturized. Facial hair has been re-energized and there is literally no excuse for a man not to have his beard in great condition. Added to this, when you treat beards with natural oils, these can act as a type of cologne.

Men’s Self Care Products

Whether you have a thick, full beard, or are rocking a five-o’clock shadow, using beard oils can help moisturize the skin beneath the hair. This will prevent flaking and the inevitable itchiness that comes from dry skin. A clean-cut and maintained set of facial hair can emit a well-groomed and mature vibe, allowing you to feel more self-assured in your style.



Even if half your face is covered in a luscious beard, it’s still crucial to moisturize. Despite the fact that moisturizing has been targeted at women, it’s just as important for men to take advantage of its benefits. After all, every one has skin, and skin get’s dry, flaky, wrinkled, blotchy, particularly when we don’t take care of it. The right Moisturizer is essential as it can smooth, brighten and even skin tone helping skin to look brighter and younger.


In terms of men’s self care products, moisturizers are up there. A good moisturizer can be instrumental in helping you feel confident in your own skin. Having clear, hydrated and healthy skin will help you to go about your day feeling your very best. Great skin adds to your well being, gives you confidence and will probably impact on the decisions you make day to day.


Bottom line, your appearance can make or break your mood every single day. It makes sense that investing in some essential men’s self care products should be a priority. To acclimatize yourself, try one or two things from our list and incorporate them into your daily routine. Chances are you will find the products that work for you and will become mainstays in your regime.

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