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How To Grow A Beard Naturally At Home – In 6 incredibly Simple Steps

How To Grow A Beard Naturally At Home – In 6 incredibly Simple Steps

 A vast majority of women agree that a beard is one of the most attractive points of a man . No matter if it’s a long beard or a lumberjack type, it will always be one of the first things that catches the eye.

However, if you’re someone who struggles to grow a beard, you may be tempted to keep reaching for that razor. But wait! Before you do, I have some tips on how to grow a beard naturally at home. There easy to implement, and should have your facial hair growing in nicely.

How to grow a beard fast – Some Beard Facts

So you want to know how to grow a beard fast – right? Well before we delve into that, I want to give you a few beard facts to chew over.

The growth of beards can begin growing from a mans teenage years all the way up to his late 20s and early 30s, this can be even later for some guys. One of the beard facts that every guy should accept is that you cannot control when your beard comes in, the color, the texture or it’s thickness. All this is squarely based on your personal DNA, just like the size of your feet or your hair color.

One of the best things you can have when physically growing a beard is some patience. Just like you, every beard is unique. Some people, after a few months growth, will have a full and bushy beard, while others have to wait years for their beards to find its shape.

How To Grow A Beard Naturally At Home

However, a world where people have gotten used to getting everything yesterday, speed is everything. So I understand that it sucks to hear, you just have to wait. But think of it this way, those mens sporting majestic beards on TV didn’t just spring into the world that way, they too had to wait. Hey, they could have been late bloomers, or even struggled with patchy beards in their teenage years.


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Best foods for beard growth

Maybe you’ve never even considered the best foods for beard growth, but your diet and beard growth are very much interlinked. The saying “you are what you eat” is true you know. Your body reflects what you feed it, and your beard is no different.

So if you want to know how to grow a beard naturally at home, my first tip is to get right with your eating.

  • Eggs – These contain minerals such as calcium, zinc and iron. They are a tremendous source of protein and contain essential Biotin which strengthens hair and contributes to beard growth.
  • Oysters – Another source of zinc. It’s this mineral that assists the cells involved in building hairs. Along with this, oysters provide a good source of protein.
  • Sweet Potatoes – The Beta-carotene in  this will aid the cell growth in your beard. This happens when the Beta-carotene is turned into Vitamin A, leading to more cell growth in the hairs located on the beard.
  • Spinach – High in Calcium, magnesium,  iron, protein, and potassium, all essential factors for having healthy beard growth. It also works brilliantly in smoothies, worth noting if you decide mix it with other foods so you won’t taste it.
  • Liver –  This has the protein and it’s high in biotin and iron. If you’re not a liver fan, you can also take  supplements for this
  • Cinnamon – Is amazing at getting oxygen to hair follicles. I’ve included a recipe later in this article that you can start using for beard growth that incorporates this spice.



1. Exercise and beard growth

Many people may come to the conclusion that exercise does not have much to do with the beard. However, constantly performing activities has a great connection with the growth of facial hair in men.

This is mainly due to the hormone responsible for facial hair growth, testosterone. By exercising and staying active, the production of testosterone increases dramatically.

In addition, blood flow tends to increase when we perform physical activities, which also contributes to hair growth. Thanks to better circulation the nutrients present in the blood become more accessible.

Aside from all those reasons for the link between exercise and beard growth, staying in good shape fits perfectly with a lush beard. You could say that this combination gives most men a rather virile appearance.

Rosemary oil for beard growth

How To Grow A Beard Naturally At Home along with rosemary oil for beard growth

Massage with rosemary oil is a very effective way to promote beard growth. This is because rosemary is famous for its hair-growing properties.

​When it comes to beards, rosemary oil is a moisturizer, protecting as well as promoting healthy and strong beard growth. This oil also adds some nice shine with greater intensity of overall glossiness

In addition, the circular massages with this oil help to open the pores and stimulate the follicles of the cheeks. This action with this oil accelerates the growth of facial hair.

Massages are very common methods to stimulate the pores of the skin. Just remember, the most effective way is circular massage with rosemary oil.

Cinnamon and lemon for beard growth

Cinnamon and lemon for beard growth is another way How to Grow A Beard Naturally At Home1

Cinnamon with lemon is one of the best  beard growing tricks I know. Even  grooming experts have confirmed its effectiveness.

To do this remedy you should  squeeze two lemons and add a little cinnamon. Then stir it until it becomes completely mixed, then you simply pour over your beard.

Not sure if this needs saying, but just in case, I would suggest doing this over a sink to avoid any mess. Once this is done, let it “sit” for approximately 1 minute.

It’s important to first perform a wrist test to verify that there are no allergic reactions.In addition to this, it’s also good idea to do this natural beard growth remedy during the night. One of the reasons is that the mixture may stain your skin, and a night application gives you time to wash it off before you set out for the day..

It’s advisable, if you really want to find the ideal treatment for you, is to try each one of them. Especially the cinnamon and lemon beard growth remedy.

However it is important to note that not all home remedies have the same effect on every person, since we all have different hair types and skin types.



4. Quit Smoking

quit smoking for beard growth

This is one of the things you should get used to, even if it is not for beard growth reasons. It has been proven that smoking is detrimental to health and there are many health conditions that com about through smoking. Therefore, it just makes sense to put aside this bad habit, along with all the negative affects it can have on your life.

But you want to know about nicotine and beard growth, right?

Well, it has been confirmed that nicotine greatly affects the growth of beards because it decreases the oxygen in the blood. This prevents many of the nutrients that favor the growth of facial hair from reaching the follicles, which in turn greatly hinders the growth of facial hair.

The tips I am giving here complement each other, so there’s no strict order of application. However, one of the most important beard growth tips I can give you right now is to stop smoking.


Best beard growth vitamins

Best beard growth vitamins

In addition to eating better, you can help your beard grow faster with supplementing your diet with the right  minerals and vitamins.

Discuss with your doctor about taking at least 2 mg of  biotin each day. This supplement is available in healthy foods and vitamin stores, and will help increase the development of facial hair .

Start doing this, while getting in more vegetables and fruits (as discussed above) and your beard will have a good head start. Without the proper nutrients in the body, it begins to slow down hair production as it keeps its reserves for what it sees as more important functions like digestion and breathing. So giving your body everything it needs to thrive is important.

You should increase your daily intake of vitamin B6, beta-carotene, vitamin C, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, and nettles.


Letting your beard grow

letting your beard grow

Want a fundamental tip on how to grow a beard naturally at home the really easy way? Just let your beard grow out. During the first month you need to let your beard grow without cutting it. It is within these first weeks, beard growth  is sketchy with uneven patches. But if you want to rock that full beard, you need to resist the impulse of having a shave.

The main reason is that you need to wait for the growth of other hairs, that take longer to appear, so they can cover those patchy areas in the beard.

When your beard reaches a growth of 4 to 6 weeks, then can you begin to shape it, cut and sculpt it with a razor or shaver.

Contrary to preconception, letting the beard grow will help the hair grow in stronger and in greater quantity than it would shaving every 2 days.



Beard Growth

If after these tips that I’ve shown you here you still would like a little extra help in growing your beard naturally at home, I would highly recommend you check out our range of beard care products your can get by going HERE. These are made with premium natural ingredients, to nourish your beard and help with growth and strength.

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