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How To Measure Watch Size: Guide To The Perfect Fit

How To Measure Watch Size: Guide To The Perfect Fit

A common question guys want to know when purchasing a watch is; how to measure watch size? If you’re a bit of a watch enthusiast, like myself, then knowing this is pretty important. I mean, watch size makes a big difference. If the watch is too large, it going to fall off or be damaged. If the watch is too tight for you, then you’ve got hours of pressing through the day in discomfort.

So we’ve created this exceptional watch size guide to help you measure your wrist accurately, so you never have to worry about choosing an inappropriate fit.


How to measure watch size without a tape

If you only have a rigid tape measure, or a ruler and not a cloth measuring tape, there are other ways to take accurate measurements. When you measure your wrist, use something flexible like a shoelace or rope.

Mark the point where the ends on your ruler or other rigid measuring device overlap. Place the flexible measuring device of your choice on a flat surface such as a table or piece of furniture. Make sure that the measuring device is placed on a flat surface and is properly tensioned. Then measure this with a measuring tape for accurate measurement.


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How to measure your wrist

Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist, making sure the ribbon is attached to your wrist. Add approximately one centimeter to the size of your wrist to ensure comfort.



Measure for a Custom Fit

how to measure watch size

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Measure over the wrist bone if you prefer a more snug fit. If you prefer a looser fit, measure your wrist with the tape measure around the lower part of the palm.

Take the measurement where the ends of the tape come together. This is the right and comfortable measure for your wrist.







Measure a watch of adequate size

Place a measuring tape on the closed strap of the watch. Fit the tape measure inside it. Start measuring from the beginning of the tape measure, not from the first number. You don’t need to add any extra space to the measurement.



Choosing The Right Strap For  Your Wrist Size

While it sounds obvious, it really isn’t. Many people see a watch and simply like the way it hangs on the models wrist. But always remember, when choosing a wrist watch, you must choose one that fits the size of your wrist. Normally,, a wrist measurements of around 17.15cm or less indicates a smaller wrist measurement in men. On the other hand, measurements of 18.30cm or more indicate a thicker wrist.

For people with finer wrists it’s better to choose a watch strap width from thin to medium, which will be 6-8mm for the thinnest belts and 8-12mm for an average measurement. For those with thicker wrists, the average 8-12mm belt will look its best on your wrist, you could even go for strap measurements between 14-18mm.



So whats the standard watch strap length?

  • The average size for women’s watch strap is between 165-180mm.
  • The average size for men’s watch strap is between 184-197 mm.



Choosing the Right Dial for Your Wrist Size

how to measure watch size shows you in this watch guide

As for the watch dials, for those with a finer wrist it’s advisable to choose a dial with a circumference of 38mm or 46mm. For a thicker wrist, go for a 46mm or 50mm dial if possible.

This should help you find the right size dial depending on the fineness or thickness of your wrist. Choosing a small dial on a larger wrist could detract from and eclipse the watch.

The same could be said when choosing a larger dial on a smaller wrist, as the watch could appear immense in comparison to your wrist size. If you go for a small or medium size watch dial for a smaller wrist, or a medium or large size dial for a thicker wrist, it will help project a more balanced image.


Watch Case Thickness

Case thickness is usually directly related to case diameter. When mechanical watches took over the marketplace it was perceived that a thinner case was superior quality.

This really is no further the case now with electronic watches entering the market, as well as quartz designs.

A broad rule is, while the diameter of the case increases or decreases, the thickness does as well. Usually for 38mm to 42mm diameter you should be at around 7 mm in thickness.

Once you get up to 44mm and beyond the thickness increases to around 9mm. The thickness of the case will often be best proportioned to the body of the watch, if you decide on the proper case diameter.



Choose Your Watch Style:

Once you determine the right watch size for you, the only thing left to do is decide which style of watch you want to buy. When it comes to spending a considerable amount of money on the purchase of a watch, you should ensure that you can use it in as many situations as possible.

So ask yourself this; how many situations can I use this watch in? In a shirt and tie kind of office? While you taking the kids out for a sports game? When you’re doing the weekly shop? On a date night? Whatever the occasion, our watch guide on how to measure watch size, should give you some idea about what you should be looking at.

Now all you need to do is determine if you want a more casual or an elegant style watch, or even one that’s a little sporty. My advice, after you’ve got the watch strap measurements out of the way, is to choose the right watch for your lifestyle. That’s the watch that you can use in as many situations as possible, so you get the most out of it.

If you are looking for a great looking but good value watch, I would highly recommend you check out Capthatts latest range by clicking here. Happy watch hunting!

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