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Male Body Types- Discover Your Body Shape, Looks & Style Tips

Male Body Types- Discover Your Body Shape, Looks & Style Tips

Male Body Types- Discover Your Body Shape, Looks & Style Tips

For the man who likes fashion and follows trends, but has doubts or fear of making mistakes, we present to you some valuable tips to dress appropriately with your body and the occasion.

Male body types come in five types, we have the Triangle also known as the Pear, the Rectangular, Trapeze, Oval and Inverted Triangle.

To find out the body style that fits with yours, it’s quite simple just look in the mirror and imagine one of the geometric shapes presented below and see which one fits most appropriately.


male body types

Male body types – The idea is to wear the clothes to bring balance, disguising the larger parts of the body and using volumes and colors clear and vibrant to emphasize the smallest


Body types: Trapeze Shape

In the trapeze body type the shoulders are wider than the hips, however, still balanced. The chest is large and the back is wide. Anyone who identifies with this body type, can consider himself a lucky man, because all types of clothing, colors and shapes will fit them well. But always remember when assembling a look with vivid colors maintain the balance with sober colors.


Types of Male Body

Types of Male Body – Trapeze, the Ideal male body type


Body Type: Oval Shape

male body types Often those male body types of the oval variety may be above their ideal weight, presenting more curved lines, with an emphasis on horizontal. The neck is short or broad, the back is rounded and the arms are full.

For those who have this type of shape the goal is to tune down the torso, using dark colors and vertical stripes, straight pants, blazers and jackets with cutouts at the waist and minus the shoulder pads.

What to wear

– T-shirts in tone on tone or monochrome;

– Vertical stamping

– V-Neck : V- neck T-shirts are perfect for stretching the silhouette, since they create a vertical visual orientation. Also, if you have a chubby chin and / or neck, a V collar will still draw attention to your chest, by looking away from those other details;

– Blazers with narrow and long lapels, straight models to stretch the silhouette, simple buttoning, lightly tapered and with few details;

– Dark-colored pants with straight modeling, jeans with dark wash and shorts worn just below the knees

– Overlaying of shirts because it creates two vertical lines that lengthens the body

– Narrow belts in clothing color

 Blazers with three buttons : For more formal occasions, go for three-button blazers. They are as classic and elegant as two button types, but come with the advantage of stretching the silhouette, making you look taller. Another tip is to leave the first top button open to not limit your movement;

– Shirts worn outside the pants with long sleeves or folded;

– Bet on small patterns with a dark background.


What to Avoid

– Large horizontal stripes, large and colorful flowery prints, plaid, wide stripes;

– T-shirts short, tight and light colors can mark the folds we want to hide;

– Light colored trousers, with a shirt worn inside;

– Do not use the back pocket of the pants as a volume holder, keep the wallet in the jacket;

– Avoid very fine fabrics as they can highlight fatter areas; Very thick fabrics will enlarge the silhouette. You have to be careful to choose. The ideal is to opt for more structured fabrics;

– Large prints located at the height of the belly, because they direct the look exactly where we should deviate.

– Avoid very wide clothes, it is important to always wear them in the right size!


 types of male body shapes

For those male body types with a O shape, the goal should be tuning down the torso using vertical stripes, straight pants, blazers and jackets with cutouts at the waist and without shoulder pads – Male Body Types



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Men Body Types

If you are on the chubbier side, try overlapping, as the open shirt or blazer creates two vertical stripes, this lengthen the silhouette


Body Type: Inverted Triangle

In the Inverted Triangle body shape we have broad shoulders and chest, arms with well defined muscles and hips and narrow waist. That is, the upper part is larger than the lower part of the body.

The biggest challenge with male body types like this is this type of shape has to o balance the bottom with the upper half, wearing shirts, t shirts, jackets and blazers with a straight cut.

Wear pants and jeans with straight cut and with pockets which gives volume to the hips. You should also wear dark colors on your upper body to shrink the shoulders and arms. Light colors on the bottom helps the hips balance with the shoulders.

Remember that the goal isn’t to “shrink” the waist, but to highlight the hips and legs.


What to wear

– On the top, dark colors, plain and textured fabrics;

– V-neck knitwear;

– In the bottom, light colors, jeans in shades lighter than the jacket

– Focus on colored trousers, vibrant colors will bring the impression of wider hips and thicker legs.

 – Use accessories like chains and loose suspenders on the sides of the pants, this will bring more volume to the hips.

– Make use of wider belts


What to avoid

– Jackets and shirts with horizontal stripes;

– Avoid wide pieces on the top and very tight pants;

– Dark trousers.


Male Body Types

The aim is to shrink the shoulders relative to the waist and highlight the hips and legs. For this you need dark colors on the top and lighter colors on the bottom. Wear pants that are lighter than your shirt and go for V-necks. Notice that in the first picture, the man did exactly the opposite, he wore dark pants and a white jacket. This only highlighted the impression of thin legs in comparison to shoulder width. – Types of Male body


Body Type: Triangle Shapes

male body typeTriangle body shapes have the narrowest shoulders and the widest hips. The tendency of male body types like this is to have more collapsed shoulders and legs thicker, as shown in the image to the left. The goal is to highlight the shoulders and disguise the hips.

For men who have this body type it’s best to wear blazers and coats that are straight cut or tapered, perhaps with discreet shoulder pads. Shirts and T-shirts with details on the shoulders give the feeling of balance to the hips.

For the upper body be careful with light colors, chose bolder prints like plaid and striped. However, a word of caution, always give preference to proportional stripes rather than asymmetric.

For triangle body shapes, go for pants and shorts with straight cutouts and dark colors and avoid light colors at the bottom, after all we have to disguise the hips.


triangle shaped body type

Triangle shaped body type, with narrower shoulders and width in the hip area. This body type is best suited to structured suits and darker colors on the lower half.

What to wear :

– Polo Shirts & T-Shirts

– Shirts and T-shirts with shoulder embellishments and bolder colors

– More structured fabrics and suits

– Jackets and shirts that give the impression of more structure around the shoulders

– The stitching of the shirt or shirt should always be in the right place, so as not to increase the       impression of fallen shoulders

– Wear straight-cut pants or shorts with dark colors


What to avoid:

– T-shirts with V-neck, because they increase the impression of fallen shoulders

– Asymmetric shapes as they enhance any imbalances in the body

– Avoid pants and shorts with light rinses. The lower part has to be as discreet as possible to    disguise the wider hip


male body type

Details on shoulders, like with military coats, are great for triangle shapes, along with larger-shouldered prints. Details like seams over the shoulders are also a good alternative for those who have triangle type body. At the bottom lean towards darker colors if you have wide hips and very thick legs.


Body Type: Rectangle Body Shape

rectangle body shapeThe  rectangle body shape body has shoulders, waist and hip in the same visual line and with the measurements close together. The key to balance is to create curves and volume if the person is lean; if you are overweight, your waistline should be marked to decrease and draw attention to the chest and face.

 Those who have this type of body do not have to worry about colors and prints, only with the modeling that will bring the sensation of curve and balance. An excellent tip for this is to wear shirts with “V”, “U” and canoe necklines.

Blouses, coats, blazer and jackets with waistlines and waist-high recostes are a good tip. Just like pants with straight modeling, tapered and without pleats. For those who are at ideal weight, skinny jeans is a great alternative.
rectangle shaped body

In the rectangle shape body, shoulders, waist and hip are in the same line of sight and with measurements close together. The key to balance is to create curves and volume, with pieces with cutouts, pockets or apparent pockets. Wear “V”, “U” and canoe neckline t-shirts are a good choice

What to wear :

– Shirts with side pockets in monochromatic tones, horizontal lines and shoulder detail

– Blazers and open jackets

– Straight pants, no waistband or slightly lower waisted, apparent pockets and prints

– Use discrete belts

What to avoid:

  • Straight cut wide blazers or blazers
  • Shirts left out of Pants
  • Closed neckline




More Photos and Looks For Male Body Types

male body types

Vests and suspenders are great ways for varying your look


types of body shape

Leather jackets are great for creating a super-stylish look, but choose the more body-fit types if you want to appear slimmer


types of body shapes

Do not be afraid to experiment, use new types of necklines, prints and colors


male body types chart

Accessories make all the difference bringing more style to the looks


men types

Colorful shoes and pants are among the main trends for men this season


body types for clothes

Beard can also be a way to freshen up a look and become more stylish. Also bet on the military look with camouflaged and military-green clothing.


Discover your style, do you like simple looks? Do you like to use colors? Is your style more ornate style, rich in color and detail? What really matters is that you feel good and secure with what you are wearing. Of course the pieces should be balanced and it is always good to try things that you would never try before, because you may discover pieces that will make you look even better without losing your style. It is important to have the courage to be daring!



How To Dress YOUR Body Type | 6 Tough Men’s Body Shape Style Advice


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By Barbara Amanda Pedrini

Fashion Designer and Consultant


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