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How To Iron A Polo Shirt: 5 Secrets For Easy Ironing

How To Iron A Polo Shirt: 5 Secrets For Easy Ironing


Ironing a cotton shirt may seem like a piece of cake. Yet … how many times have you pulled your polo shirt from the wardrobe and thought “Nooo, how did this shirt get so creased”?

Wait, before you despair: if you want to know how to iron a polo shirt quickly and effectively there are a few tricks.

In this guide you will find all the useful information you need (along with some unfailing “grandma’s tips”) to learn how to iron and fold t-shirts  – the easy way



How to iron a polo shirt in a few steps: here’s how

Open the ironing board, load water in iron… Ready? Here is a mini tutorial to follow to iron your polo shirt .


1) Always program the temperature of the iron with consideration of the fabric in which the polo shirt is made.

Remember that cotton can be ironed at a high temperatures, while synthetic polo shirts require low temperatures, other natural fibers can be set at a medium-low heat.

If you have any doubt, always follow the instructions on the label.


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2) Turn the polo shirt upside down.

Especially if you have to iron a black or dark t-shirt it is important never to proceed from the “right side” direction because the heat is likely to ruin or fade the color. Next place it on the ironing board and fold the collar downwards;

how to iron a polo shirt


3) Start ironing the polo shirt starting from the back and continuing first on the sleeves and then on the front.

Always be careful not to leave the iron for too long at a single point, otherwise you risk staining the shirt or worse still burning the fabric.

If your polo shirt has creases that are difficult to remove remember that you can always use a ironing spray. These are fairly inexpensive and can soften fabric so they iron more easily.

how to iron a polo shirt

Most iron sprays are based on rice starch or corn, this can be sprayed at least ten centimetres from the fabric to prevent the product from settling in one place.

Finally, the spray creates a sort of protective film on the fabric, in this way, the shirt remains protected from wear and stains.



4) Proceed to iron the polo shirt on the side where the buttons are located

This is an important step, especially on shirt with buttons located near the shirt collar.  Next, continue with the shoulders of the shirt.

how to iron a polo shirt

5) Hang the polo shirt on a hanger.

At this point you have two options: you can leave it hanging until you are ready to wear it, or if you usually fold all your clothes, you can keep reading to discover even more advice on how to iron a polo shirt in the most effective way.



How to Iron without an iron: tricks (unveiled) for a perfect polo shirt

Whether you’re planning a vacation or out and about visiting relatives, I’m sure you want to know that your polo shirt or any shirt for that matter will look good, even if you’re not within reach distance of an iron.

Here are some tricks to ironing without iron!

  • At the time of washing, choose to wash on the steam cycle : the reduced intensity of heat will prevent the formation of creases afterwards.
  • And remember, once the washing is finished, do not leave your polo shirts too long in washing machine. This is because the longer you keep the clothes wet, the more wrinkled they will be afterwards
  • Try to stretch them, without overstretching. Get a few clothespins, and hang the polo shirt upside down – the upside down part is a must for wrinkle free shirts.
  • Add half a cup of fabric softener with your laundry load. Needless to say, this will soften fabric, and leave your shirts with less creases
  • Hang your t-shirts in the bathroom, maybe before a nice shower, the steam will help to decrease the creases
  • The steam that will be created will help you to spread the folds;
  • Use a pot: heat some water in the pot, throw out the water, cover the bottom of the pan with some aluminium foil and use the pot as if it were an iron;
  • Use a hair dryer: moisten the creases with a little water, stretch the fabric over a table, and dry with a hair dryer.

How to iron well even without an iron? Call these grandma remedies if you like, but trust me, grandma’s tend to know their stuff!

how to iron without an ironing board

Use some cardboard and fold the shirt around it

How to fold a polo shirt?

If you choose not to hang your shirt in the closet, but to fold it because you don’t have the space, or maybe you have to put it in your suitcase, you can proceed by following these steps and helping yourself to some cardboard. Simply fold the polo shirt around the cardboard, and voila, the polo shirt should unfold in a crease free way.


How to iron polo shorts ?

After this guide you can see it will be a breeze!

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