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Types Of Leather – And How To Make It Work For You

Types Of Leather – And How To Make It Work For You





There are a large number of different types of leather, so you can quickly lose track. To bring a little light into the darkness, we present here the most famous types of leather. Basically, however, a distinction is made between suede leather and smooth leather. This article explores all types of leather finishes, so you can make better decisions when you choose leather whether it be leather bags, leather belts, wallets and so on.




A suede leather type is the nubuck leather , which is sanded on the grain side, creating the velvet-like surface. Calf, goat or beef skins are used to make this type of leather. The sanding of the grain side also creates a high level of breath-ability, this type of leather is extremely soft, comparable to the suede leather. Care should be taken when in contact with water, as nubuck leather is extremely sensitive to moisture. Often, therefore, it is already treated in advance with water-repellent fabrics.


The suede , which also suede is harder than the nubuck leather and in contrast to this one is ground on the meat side of the animal skin. This also creates a rough structure. However, this is less strong than the said nubuck leather. This type of leather is made from animal skins of sheep, goats, pigs, deer, deer, calves and cattle. The structure is characterized by large pores, whereby a high weld permeability is offered.




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Altogether one can distinguish between three different types of leather groups, it should be noted at this point that smooth leather is never completely smooth, since the actual structure is still recognizable. 

The first type of leather is pure aniline leather, which for the most part is still natural. For this purpose, only high-quality, perfect and pure hides are used, so that it is much more expensive than other smooth leathers. Because the surface of the pure aniline leather is untreated, it is particularly susceptible to soiling and damage. However, this makes the leather so special, as it gets or develops a very unique look over time. 

In addition to the pure aniline leather, there is the semi-aniline leather which has a stronger coloration that makes the material more durable and makes cleaning much easier. The structure is still recognizable. Finally, there is still the most suitable for everyday use of all three smooth leather types: pigmented leather. This also brings intensified coloring, it is treated with a layer of varnish, which ensures that the scars, the appearance of the skin and the pores completely disappear. The leather is stiffer overall, but offers an extremely durable property, which makes it the ideal everyday companion.

Overall, the material leather is particularly advantageous because of its breathability, high durability, temperature resistance and flame retardancy.




The aforementioned advantages of leather are also suitable for the production of headgear. Of course, leather hats and leather caps are particularly well-known, which can provide a rustic, natural look. Especially cowboy hats, travelers and pork pies, flatcaps, aviator caps and hat caps are often made of the material. Since they are relatively water-repellent, they are suitable in the rain and ensure due to the good air permeability in addition to a pleasant head climate. Also in our webshop we have a selection of leather headgear. Discover our range and buy your new headgear made of leather today!



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