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How To Tuck In A Shirt Without Bunching – 5 Novel Ways

How To Tuck In A Shirt Without Bunching – 5 Novel Ways

How To Tuck In A Shirt Without Bunching – Like A Boss

How to tuck in a shirt without bunching has been a issue for men everywhere for decades. There’s something  annoying about a dress shirt that keeps untucking. Even if your outfit, in general, looks good, the minute your shirt creases up, everything else seems pointless.

You probably start picturing your friends eyeing your growing muffin top:

“Oh, yes, about that, it’s not belly fat, it’s this shirt….I work out, I do crossfit, I, I…”

But your burgeoning mid-section tells another story. The “smart business casual” begins to become more, “just rolled out of bed” as the day goes on.

It would be perfect if you could just teleport yourself, without moving, from place to place the entire day. But that’s not how things work. So all you do is “readjust” the entire day and PRAY that no one catches your hands wandering into your pants.

Is tucking your shirt in all day the only option? Perhaps, it could be, that you never really learned how to properly tuck in your shirt?

Here,  we will reveal 5 tips for how to tuck in your shirt without bunching.


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1. What Are Shirt Stays And How Can They Work For Me?

What Are Shirt Stays; Shirttail Garters help shirt stay tucked

What are shirt stays you ask. Well essentially shirt stays are an excellent tools for keeping your shirt tucked in the entire day…so you’re mind can be on other things.

Also named “shirttail garters,” shirt stays look a lot like suspenders. However, these do not hold your pants up, they hold your shirttails down…while also holding up your socks. Pretty nifty – eh?

The great thing here is that the tension keeps your shirt flat against your body and your shirt tucked in, giving a sleeker more look.

If you haven’t seen shirttail garters before, they might appear a little strange to you. Unbelievably, these aren’t some fad that swooped in 5 minutes ago. Law enforcement officers and military professionals have been using shirt stays for years to keep their uniforms looking pristine—because they’re ideal for keeping your outfit together even when you’re active.

I actually think it’s a good things that shirttail garters are getting to be more common. They just make sense.

I take it this way, I’ve spent money and time to look my best, so why should my outfit look a mess because my shirt won’t stay tucked in? Instead of stressing about how to tuck in a shirt without bunching, I know I look on point every second I wear my outfit. Also, if there’s a discreet accessory that I can wear under any shirt to keep that from happening, why not do it?


My Experience With Capthatt’s Shirttail Garters

How To Tuck In A Shirt Without BunchingI had the opportunity to try out some shirttail garters from Capthatt. All their shirtails are handmade and of excellent quality.

When you first try them on, the shirttail garters do feel different. It’s a strange sensation, having something pull down on my shirt like that. But after a few moments, I completely forgot I was wearing them.

Here’s the great thing, I could move freely—reach up, sit down,bend over, stand up—and my shirt stayed tucked in the entire time. Even at 6′ 2 they fit very well indeed.

And they were really comfortableIt was clear that Capthatt spent time on design of their shirttail garters, with little touches that ensure the garters don’t turn or twist on your legs, and the cotton blend elastics, that are soft on the skin.


But do I actually really NEED shirttail garters?


That’s entirely your choice. But if you’re serious about knowing how to tuck in a shirt without bunching, then these are a great solution. In fact, use these, and get back to me after putting on your favorite dress shirt and pants, and going the entire day without your shirt needing readjustment even once —particularly after moving around or traveling a lot. My guess is that you’ll be pretty pleased with these.


Alright, but isn’t this a luxury item?


Capthatt’s shirttail garters are very affordable. Somewhere between a large pizza and what you might spend on a reasonably priced shirt. The cost doesn’t compare to the extra confidence of knowing your shirt is going to stay tucked in throughout the day.


shirttail garters help keep your shirt tucked in neatly


What if someone staying over sees my shirttail when I’m get undressed?

Let’s just say, for arguments sake, a significant other spots your shirttails, if that’s enough to send them running for the hills, then perhaps that relationship wasn’t meant to be.

Chances are that you’ll peak your partners curiosity with your “secret style accessory” and they’ll become even more fascinated by you and your dapper dressing. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than a man who’s comfortable enough to take care of himself.


2. Got a Billowing Shirt? Then You’ve Got Bunching Issues My Friend.

shirts with excess fabric around the waist are harder to tuck


One of the fastest ways to look sloppy, and have issues with tucking your shirt in, is to wear a billowing shirt. What I mean is one of those shirts with excess fabric around the mid-section.

It doesn’t matter what your tucking technique, the moment you wear a shirt that could double as your bed sheet, it’s game over. So if you’re here wondering how to tuck in a shirt without bunching while sporting a tent like shirt, stop just stop.

Since I’m on the tall side, many off-the-rack shirts don’t quite fit me. For a while I walked around with dress shirts that looked, quite frankly, bulky. So it’s important to find a dress shirt that actually fits well. Once you do, like me, the muffin top will disappear, and shirt tucked in more cleanly.


3. Get Used to the Military Tuck

If tailoring isn’t your thing, or the budget is tight, then sometimes you have to work with what you have. This is why the military tuck is so handy.

how to use the military tuck to tuck in your shirt

Just as the name suggests, the military tuck technique has been used by armed forces for many years to give dress uniforms a neater fit. All this without sewing anything or spending any extra money.

  • Tuck in your shirt like you usually would.
  • After this, gather the excess fabric around your waist and pull it towards your sides.
  • Pinch the extra fabric between the thumb and forefinger, and fold the extra fabric back along the seam.
  • Then, smooth out the folds so they’re hidden…at least from the front.

Even though the military tuck may not be as neat as a tailoring job, it can work when you need a quick fix. Let’s face it, if you’re thinking about how to tuck in a shirt without bunching you want something quick and easy.

Essentially, it does a pretty good job of smoothing out the front of your shirt, and concealing the fabric, or at least make it less noticeable because it follows the seams of your shirt under your arms. It’s certainly better than a shirt bunched up around the waist, like you’ve just given up.


4. Give The Underwear Tuck A Try

Clearly if you’re a commando kind of man, this isn’t going to work – and tucking the shirt anywhere else is not really a hygienic option! However, if you wear undergarments, this could be the choice for you.

Occasionally, some tomfoolery happens when your dress shirt and your undershirt spend a little too much time together.

Just like a pair of surly kids, stuck on a long bus ride, they start misbehaving. Sooner or later they’ll start bumping into one another, without anything else to do, they begin to fidget. It’s a frustrating struggle that goes on daily, leaving your shirt dishevelled and you sloppy.

The answer? Keep those troublemakers separated….using your underwear.

how to use the underwear tuck to tuck your shirt in

how to tuck in a shirt without bunching ? Use the force, the underwear force to streamline your look.


Tucking your undershirt into your underwear, and keeping your shirt tucked in outside of your underwear, you can get a stronger, neater tuck.

This “oldie but goodie” shirt tucking trick works like magic. It holds your shirt down more tightly— instead of competing with your undershirt for the same space.


5. Make Sure Your Shirts Are Long Enough to Stay Tucked in

The last advice I can offer to anyone on how to tuck in a shirt without bunching, seems obvious, but is often overlooked – get a long enough shirt.

If you have noticed that casual sport shirts become untucked more frequently, there’s a reason for that. In general sports shirts tend to be shorter, this is why most guys wear them untucked. This is because these shirts are too short to remain tucked in the whole day.

longer shirt vs shorter shirt



When you wear a proper dress shirt, this should not be a problem. However, if you decide to wear your dress shirt untucked, you will look like you are wearing a dress.

Extra length is definite bonus for keeping your shirt tucked in neatly.

The longer shirttails provides more fabric below your belt line—this means there’s more fabric to grip between your pants and your underwear. This, in theory, will deliver a firmer tuck.

Please note: you need to check the length of your undershirt. If it happens to be shorter than your dress shirt, the bottom edge (at this length) can have a habit of riding up. This can make the dress shirt look bunched up. This is why the best undershirts happen to be longer, and also why t-shirt should never be used as an alternative undershirt.



So What Way Will You Tuck?

So if you are having issues with how to tuck in a shirt without bunching, don’t despair. Resist the bunched up muffin top…even it appears to be overwhelming your look right now.

You certainly have choices: always ensure your shirt is the right size and shape, give the military tuck a go, you could even try the underwear tuck…

But if you’re really want to keep your shirt tucked in day in day out, grab some Capthatt’s Shirttail Garters. Be sure to use promo code capt1 (expires 12/18/19) for your special discount.




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