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MAXIMILIAN Leather Shoe shine kit



  • [Take it anywhere] : Deluxe business leather shoe care kit is lightweight, easy to carry, and comes with a convenient, elegant box. With this set, you can make sure that your shoes will keep sharp appearance and perfect Polish no matter where you are
  • [Kit Feature] : Use this care kit for leather shoes to polish scuffs, condition deep scratches and cracks, and buff your shoes to an elegant gloss finish
  • [High Quality] : 100% solid wood + 100% Horsehair Brush,For surface treatment polishing, Soft and corrosion resistant and does not damage leather shoes,good cleaning effect



MAXIMILIAN Leather Shoe shine kit


Product description

MAXIMILIAN Deluxe Business Leather Shoe Care Kits Shoe Shine Brush Kit for all Leather
STEP 1 :
First, wipe the dust and debris of the upper with a wet cloth, then dry the water stains with a dry cloth in the suit and dry the leather shoes
STEP 2 :
Choose different colors of shoe polish according to the color of your shoes. Use black shoe polish for black shoes, and use natural shoe polish for other shoes. Use a shoe polish brush to dip the shoe polish and evenly smear the whole upper. A thin layer is enough
STEP 3 :
Use a horse hair brush to gently wipe and polish, then use a soft polishing cloth to move left and right quickly to obtain the final luster. Finally, put on your new shoe handle with the spatula!


  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Model Number: 8-In-1 Shoe Polish Clean Brush Kit
  • Hair Type: Horse Hair
  • Brush Material: Horse Mane
  • Type: Shoe Brush