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JEZZO Polyhedron Sling Backpack Waterproof Crossbody



1. Polyhedron Protective Structure: The polyhedron sling bag designed with geometric texture, edges and lines are thinned and tapered to make the overall shape more smoothly. The one-piece shell structure can effectively increase the protection and resilience of the sling shoulder bag, no collisions in daily use.


2. Hidden USB Connector: The hidden USB connector is set on the side of the cross body backpack, to set up a transfer mechanism between the power bank and your mobile phone. It can charge your device anytime, anywhere.


3. Large Storage Capacity: Main bag storage designs muti-layer partition to meet the needs of storage keys, mobiles phones, thermos cup etc., and also can be placed in small notebook. At the same time, the interior is equipped with two compartments, which correctly interprets the coexistence of fashion and practicality.


4.Ergonomic Design: This chest bag is especially designed a side anti-theft bag, can place mobile phone, ID card and other small items, open and close smoothly. The inner bag is designed with a bevel edge of 25 degrees, which makes it easy to access the things and makes your travel more comfortable. The sling backpack fits the curve of the body, and is equipped with convenient pocket on the back, which can temporarily place the items in hand.


5.Various Carrying Ways: It may be the daypack you use the most frequently. Wide top and narrow bottom invented triangle shoulder strap design makes it can bear more weight while relieving the pressure of your neck. Different from the conventional backpacks, this polyhedron shoulder bag Has various carrying ways, it is suitable for all occasions



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JEZZO Polyhedron Sling Backpack Waterproof Crossbody



  • Scale: 1:5
  • Features: Slot
  • Gyro: BEABORN Polyhedron PU Chest Bags
  • Control Channels: 2 Channels
  • Max Speed: Polyhedron PU Chest Bags

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Black, Camouflage, Grey, Red, Yellow





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BEABORN Polyhedron PU Chest Bags


BEABORN Polyhedron PU Chest Bags

Max Speed

BEABORN Polyhedron PU Chest Bags