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How To Wear Jewelry And Still Be Masculine. Best Styling Tips For Men.

How To Wear Jewelry And Still Be Masculine. Best Styling Tips For Men.

How To Wear Jewelry And Still Be Masculine. Best Styling Tips For Men.

It’s evident that jewelry is not just limited to women. The male jewelry industry is quite important, thanks to men (including famous ones) who take pride in showing of their stylish accessories. This guide will show you how to wear jewelry and still be masculine, along with some styling tips on how best to use them.

We’d like to think that most men are up to date with the latest fashion trends and how to integrate them successfully into their daily lives. However, there is one aspect of men’s fashion that some people come into conflict with: Jewelry for men. You may have the perfect look, but you could fall at the last hurdle, if you try to use jewelry in a terribly ambiguous way.  Not to worry, we’re here to help you; after all we like our readers to be experts when it comes to style.


Generally, jewelry for guys is much more discreet and much less flashy than feminine jewelry. Both genders use jewelry to add another dimension to our style. But men usually do it in a much more subtle and minimal way. Keep in mind the power of jewelry. For better or worse, it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made and our status in society.

In this style guide, we guide you through the best styling tips for men when it comes to jewelry. We advise you on how to wear jewelry the stylish way.


How To Wear Jewelry And Still Be Masculine. Best Styling Tips For Men., style tips for men,

How To Wear Jewelry And Still Be Masculine. Best Styling Tips For Men

How to wear a watch, yes there really is a right way!

Let’s start with something easy. Watches are one of the most important accessories for men, if not the number one  essential piece. Not only are they practical, but they convey a serious sense of sophistication. Have you ever heard the statement that men are judged by their shoes? A similar case can be said when it comes to men’s watches. So, take a moment to think about how to wear a watch so it brings the best to your entire outfit.

Not all watches are excessively expensive, so we suggest you choose between one of these two options. Buy some cheaper watches in different styles to match your different looks. Or better yet, get one that is somewhat more expensive, timeless and with a simple design that combines everything.

Jewelry For Men And How To Combine Accessories. Styling Tips For Men. and how to wear a watch well.

How to wear a watch well


Buying high quality watches  at a slightly lower price, doesn’t mean a compromise on style and personal flair. Like we mentioned earlier, watches and other accessories, can be a big indicator on your status and values. For those who believe in staying true to their eco-friendly core values, wood watches, like the sandalwood watches we have in our store, are a great way to reveal this. Delivering considerably less of a carbon footprint than its steel counterparts, this watch “breathes” meaning it’s never too tight as it expands and retracts with your body heat, making it far more comfortable that standard watches that tend to tighten in higher temperatures and “seize up”.

If the sandalwood watch was your watch of choice, this could be paired with a simple mens bracelet made of natural materials like leather or wood, such as the original style Nepal Handmade Leather Bracelet. This would keep the look simple, rugged and wearable.


Necklaces on guys, the rugged way.

Necklaces are usually considered one of the more feminine accessory. However, simple variations such as chain style and length can make them look more masculine. As with most men’s jewelry, we suggest that if you are going to wear a necklace, go a little more ostentatious. Gold chains for men are always a good choice, the size of the link will depend on fashion or your own style


Necklaces and / pendants for men the rugged way. Pendants are usually considered one of the more feminine accessory. However, simple variations such as chain style and length can make them look more masculine.

Necklaces on guys can really enhance a certain look


To give your chain another style, use it on a plain shirt as part of a simple outfit. The chain will give another dimension to your appearance, while delivering a little ‘bling’. It doesn’t matter how many pendants you use (without going so far that you could challenge Mr T’s chain collection). In fact, as long as they are in good taste, they can look great when they overlap. The next aspect is to find the ideal design of the necklaces for men. Subtle and simple should be the guidelines.


Bracelets for men, keeping it masculine

When it comes to bracelets for men, it can be a sure hit or a miss, making a substantial difference to an outfit. Gone are the days when we collected lucky ribbons and festival wristbands worn half way up our elbows; men’s wristwear has grown up, become rugged and stylish. But what bracelets are a sure hit?

Bracelets for men, mens accessories, wrist jewelry for men

Bracelets for men can look ultra masculine if done right


As the bracelet goes on your wrist, we suggest you combine the same color with your watch, even if you do not wear them on the same arm. This is really a general rule that you should try to follow. Matching the color of your jewelry will create an appearance that works harmoniously.

Combining gold and silver jewelry is somewhat of a current trend. However, be forewarned, this is very difficult to pull off without looking like you’ve just raided your local pawn shop. Only the most seasoned fashion forward men can stand up to such a challenge.


Ringadingding, Rings for men

Rings are the preferred jewelry when it comes to accessories for men. That’s why most of the male jewelry brands focus their collections solely on mens rings. The number of rings you use depends completely on your style. Some men like to load their hands with rings, while others prefer a simple stamp with a simple design. If you’re new to the game of rings, we suggest you use one per hand (unless you already use a wedding band). The same rule as for bracelets applies to the color of your rings. Try to match the colors with the rest of your look.


many rings

Jewelry For Men, manly rings or cool and collected fingers.

Rings are something personal, so choosing them correctly takes time. People have their favorites and any user of rings will agree that you feel very naked when you don’t have them on. Whether you are a lover of silver or gold, a ring can add an urban or elegant touch to any outfit.



Cufflinks, button covers, pins and tie clips.

This type of jewelry becomes essential if what we want is to project the image of an authentic gentleman. If that is your case, but you are a beginner still oblivious to the rules of the protocol of good male dress, do not play it combining designs to tuntún. Bet on a set already combined. Otherwise, the basic rule applies: same materials, same colors.


Summarizing Jewelry do’s and don’ts:

Watches: make sure that the style of your watch matches the style of your outfit. If you are wearing a suit, try not to wear a too casual watch.

Necklaces: necklaces look better on men when they are simple and discreet. Use   a chain, with or without a pendant, on a simple shirt as part of a minimalist outfit.

Bracelets : if you wear a bracelet, make sure it matches the watch as much as possible. Too many colors do not work well.

Rings: the number of rings you wear depends entirely on your style. Make sure you get a good gold or silver ring so you do not leave marks on your fingers.

If you need a little refresher, check out our video on how to really get your accessories and look right.



In Conclusion

Jewelry for men does not have to be complicated. Our key tips on how to wear jewelry for men, essentially comes down to;  choosing good simple designs and combining colors as much as possible. It’s always a good idea to get high quality jewelry, even if it costs a little more. The difference between a good quality and a bad one can be quite obvious, especially in rings and watches, so it’s definitely worth spending more.

We are aware that the different cultures and subcultures (urban tribes) existing around the world, see the use of jewelry in a different way. We would love to see in the comments, below, your vision of male jewelry and its role in your environment.





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