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5 Bags Every Man Should Own

5 Bags Every Man Should Own


5 Bags every man should own

Ever owned a bag? No? Sure, you could try putting everything in your pants and jacket pocket, but you’re going to run into problems when it comes to stashing away that tablet or laptop. This is especially important when you’re going to the office or away on a weekend trip, it’s these occasions that everything needs to be stowed away safely.

The days when men would forgo bags for deep pant pockets are over, bags are important – for everyone. Not only are they convenient, they keep your life organized and add style and individuality to your journey. Needless to say, wherever you go, a bag should go with you.

If you are a bag owner, you may not have given much thought about whether you have the right bag. That trusty backpack is fine for errant travels, not so good when you need to meet an important business client.

So, with the many types of bags for men, it’s important to find the right one for you.

Here’s 5 bags every man should own, and the best ways to use them.




5 Types of bags for men


The Tote Bag

Bags every man should own

Style scale wise, tote bags are not as casual as backpacks, but certainly less formal than a briefcase, making them great for everyday use.

The tote bag is spacious enough to shove smelly sneakers in after a gym session, or that bit of shopping that will see you through the weekend.

But one of the best things about tote bags, is that they still come off as somewhat smart and sleek, even when used as beach bags. Versatile and easy to use, you really can’t beat a good tote bag.


What you should look for:

  • The type of material is important in a good tote bag, the most common being heavy canvas, heavy nylon and jute.
  • If your tote will be carrying heavier items, such as a laptop or a tablet, then canvas will be fine. Look for a tote with a zip for that added bit of security.



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The Backpack

types of bags for men

Backpacks have conquered the hearts of many fashion-loving men worldwide. It’s no wonder – after all, the (right) backpack is super comfortable and often gives off a nonchalant masculine air.

On a practical note, the back pack can also help your health. When carried over both shoulders, the weight of the bags contents is evenly distributed and doesn’t strain the spine.



What to look for

  • If you’re wondering which backpack will suit you best, that depends on your personal style. Are you athletic? Then you need a more robust backpack, look for ones with adjustable air mesh straps.
  • Want to make a style statement? Opt for a leather backpack. Not only are they eye-catching, and upgrade your look, their waterproof too.
  • Have some valuables you need to carry around? Look for the backpacks with hidden zip compartments.
  • Also, to avoid the contents of your bag poking into you while you travel, make sure the seat of the backpack is padded.
  • In general, this will keep things comfortable see you through longer travels




The Briefcase

types of bags for man

Way back, the briefcase started out as a bag used by lawyers to carry their briefs (hence the name) into court. But since the 1980’s, this dapper bag has become a mainstay of many men’s wardrobes.

Whether paired with a suit or as the icing on the cake of a casual business look, briefcase are an absolute must for every man who works in an office job.



What to look for

  • In the perfect brief case you will find enough space for work papers, your laptop and charging cable.
  • Select a well crafted briefcase with a good sturdy handle. And don’t skimp on the quality of this bag – day-to-day wear and tear does not look good with a briefcase. It should, for the most part, look impeccable.
  • So go for simplicity, elegance and quality wherever possible. The best material for a briefcase is leather, and the color should match the majority of your business shoes, so either black or brown.




Messenger bag

types of bags for males

For anyone thinking the rise in the messenger bags popularity is just hype, or a result of expensive marketing; here’s the truth – the messenger bag is just about the most handy bag you can have as a man

Also known as carry alls, the messenger bag represents functionality and style combined. They also come into their own when transporting paperwork, laptops and general everyday use.


What to look for

  • Look for a messenger bag with an adjustable padded shoulder strap. Suede messenger bags add a note of ruggedness to your look, but for practicality and longevity leather is the best.
  • For that retro look, canvas is also a good material option.
  • The bag should have a magnetic closure or a buckled fastener




Belt Bag

male bag types

Once the main staple of elderly travelers and builders, the belt bag or the fanny pack, has had a resurgence in recent years. And why not? They’re incredibly convenient, and ensure that everything you need is right in front , or behind you.

Nowadays, a majority of people wear there belt bag across their chest. The size has also changed, belt bags have become much larger – which can only be a good thing. This makes these bags ideal for carrying around those little extras – aside from your wallet.



What to look for

  • To make the most of a belt bag, opt for one that has an exterior zipper pocket and good space inside for that wallets, keys, specs etc.
    Belt bags come in all kinds of materials; nylon, canvas, but leather is smart enough for the office or the great outdoors
  • If you’re sporty, look for a quick-release buckle on your belt bag, this type of buckle is ideal for running, walking, riding, jogging etc.
  • The best size is the one that’s big enough for your essentials, while not being too bulky




Bottom line: Bags every man should own

When choosing, pay attention to high material quality and good workmanship. If in doubt, invest a little more money, so you will have a bag that will be your companion for years to come.





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